Show Pins in Corkboard using rounded corners

Hi all.

I can see that when index card theme is rounded corners, the position pins option is greyed out, and that if I choose a different theme then they are visible. My problem is that when I choose a different theme, such as “Blue and Black,” I get colors on the index card that I don’t want. Is there a way to create my own theme so I can have white index cards with the pins?

Hm. Something strange just happened. Something different. Choosing blue and black gave me the pins and left the index cards white. While my problem appears to have disappeared for the moment, I would like to understand what’s happening. Did some other setting that I changed make this happen? Keep the cards from being colored by the colored theme that’s selected in the preferences? I just want to make sure that I don’t accidentally change something again and have the card colors come back.

Thanks in advance for the help.


It sounds as though you turned off “Draw lines in index cards”.

When using the rounded theme, labels appear is a chip on the right of the card instead of a pin, so the option for pin placement is greyed out.

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