show subtitles in scrivenings mode?

Loving scrivener - thanks!

Scrivenings with ‘show titles’ is brilliant for showing the structure of the document, esp with ability to edit titles and thus section headings on the fly.

I’d find it even better if I could differentiate the document’s structure even more, so that document titles became headings, sub-doc titles became sub-headings, and so on.

Is this possible in current version? If so please share how to achieve it! If not could it be in (near) future? I would use it heaps.

Cheers and thanks again

This is something we have on the list for consideration. The implementation details are not quite so straightforward as Part -> Chapter -> Section -> Sub-section, etc, though, since many people use the program for many different things—and in fact some use levels of hierarchy that “mean” nothing in context with the final publication topology and so on. But some kind of visual indication of outline depth would indeed be nice to have.

OK - though presumably everyone gives SOME kind of meaning to position in hierarchy which they might also like to show in scrivenings mode - and presumably showing the hierarchy in scrivenings mode would be an option not a requirement.

Speaking for myself, it would make all the difference to have some way of indicating title hierarchy when reading through my document in scrivenings mode, so I hope it comes soon!

In the meantime, if anyone has a workaround, I would be very grateful to hear it.