Show synopsis and custom metadata on right side of screen

In Scriv 2, the right-hand panel had the option of showing the synopsis in the upper right, then metadata and custom metadata below it. This appears to have disappeared in Scriv 3. I would rather not have to toggle between two views. Is there a way to get back to the Scriv 2 format?

No, I don’t think so.

To see them both at once you’ll have to use a QuickReference window (for single documents) or a split view with one editor in outline mode (multiple documents).

Thanks. Another subtraction from Scriv2. Has L&L said how long they will maintain Scriv2 and whether it’s possible to un-upgrade?

There will be no more versions of Scrivener 2. The current version works fine with the latest version of Mac OS, and we will continue to provide support for all users, but of course we have no control over what Apple might do in the future.

You can reinstall Scrivener 2 by downloading it here:

To revert projects to Scrivener 2 format, use the File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project command.