Show Titles and Replace all

When I scriverning multiple files with “Show Titles in Scrivernings” option , replace a word or characters within title is acting funny. (Scrivener ver.2.31)

  1. Spread multiple documents in editor. “Show Titles in Scrivernings” option on, so I can see titles in editor.

  2. Command-F to call Find window. Relpace a word or character(s) within those titles.
    (If one title is named “Apple”, replace “Apple” or just “e” to something.)
    Click “Replace All”.

  3. Not only document’s text but title (and title in binder) is replaced too.
    And “Undo” menu is gray out, so I can’t undo this.

Usually I don’t show the titles in scriverning so it don’t bother me, but I think I’d better report it.
I’m using Scrivener almost for five years and it’s great help for me. Thanks.

Ooh, ouch - that’s a nasty one, thanks for reporting that! I’ve fixed this for the next update. (“Undo” can’t be used in this instance, unfortunately, where a change has affected more than one text, but normally you would just be able to switch the Replace and With fields to undo the change - but in this case, it just compounds the bug.)

Thanks again!

All the best,