Showing a word count

I see in Edit/Insert/Draft Word Count that it’s possible to insert that piece of information into a draft.

It puts in a code <$wc>. I’d like to actually see the word count where I insert those in my working draft, not the code for the word count. I would use them for pacing, placing word counts at certain story points. It would be great if those word counts “floated.” In other words, once a word count is inserted, if I write additional material before that word count code, (effectively pushing that point in the draft back into the story) the new word count would be reflected at the point where the word count code is.

So, first, is there a way to “show” or “reveal” such codes on the screen? Not when printed out, but on the actual working screen?

And, second (if “showing” actual word counts is possible), will they be dynamic and reflect changes in the word count, based on adding words before them in the story?

Thanks for any insight!

I don’t think this code will do what you want of it anyway, from what it sounds like. The <$wc> code is for printing the word count of the compiled copy in total, it’s the sort of thing you might have on a cover sheet for submission or on an essay somewhere. It’s not going to give you a running total depending on where you put it.

There are a number of counting tools available to you however, some even live as you type. You might find something of use in the user manual PDF, under §20.2, Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools, starting on page 201.