Showing documents, but not folders in Corkboard.

When I look at my draft in the Corkboard, It shows any subfolders as well. I’m a screenwriter and I have my draft broken down into acts. I’d like to see all the scenes in each act without the “ACT I, ACT II…” cards. Especially on the new Corkboard outliner thing (the coloured lines).

Is there anyway to do this or do I have to manually control click all the scenes?



In corkboard mode, hold down Command and in the binder select all acts. When more than one folder is selected in the binder, the corkboard shows the contents of each of those folders. Another way of doing this is to select the Draft folder and then use Edit > Select > Select Subgroups, which will select all of the Act folders inside the Draft folder automatically.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you!