Showing Folder names only in Scrivnings mode

As most people, I commonly use Scrivnings mode to write. However, it would be really useful to see the folder names within each Scrivnings chunk to help me visualize my work. Is this possible using the Window version?

There isn’t a way of doing that on any platform, as Scrivenings mode is intended to be a text editor rather than an outline view. But speaking of that, there is and Outliner view. :slight_smile: You can toggle between that and Scrivenings to switch between a heading summary and the full text. If you don’t use that view often for other purposes, you might wish to clean it up a bit by removing some of the stock columns.

Hi AmberV, thanks for your reply. I think my question is related to this one - … hp?t=38174 .

However, the way I have organized my work is using folders only for section / subsection headings, so it would be good to see them above the main text when using scrivnings / full screen mode. But if its not possible, then I will find another way to work with it. Thanks.

Ah, yes that certainly the plan, to have titles in the editor along with the text. I thought from your subject line you were looking for only those titles to be displayed in the editor, not with the text.

The version 3 beta for Windows already has titles available in Scrivenings, though I think they may still be working on it in terms of making them fully editable like normal text.