Showing index card title in Scrivenings view?

Is there any way to show the index card/document titles in scrivenings view, or at least to highlight in the binder which document the cursor is currently located in when in scrivenings view?

I just noticed in the stickied post that this feature is not available in the Windows version.

Well, that’s annoying. Sorry for the wasted post.

Yeah. Menu / View / Reveal in binder shows your position in the binder when in scrivenings.

Thank you.

I was hoping it would just automatically switch the highlight as I moved the cursor through the entries in Scrivenings view, but you have to select the option or use the shortcut every time it seems.

Yes. It is done on purpose. Otherwise you would lose your place in the binder by flicking through other documents. It is more usual to want the binder to remain where it is. Say for example you wanted to see how a particular piece of writing fitted in with the rest and switched to scrivenings… only t o find you have now lost your place in the binder, and the piece you were working on, as you scroll through the other documents. It is designed that way. Trust me, the developers are writers… they are way ahead of you.

Of course. I am only the user. How could I possibly know what I want.

Well, you could learn the software first, before deciding what you want. In Scrivener everything goes from left to right. You select in the binder what to show in the editor, not the other way round. In the new version, said to come by the end of the summer, you can show the titles of the documents in the editor when in scrivenings mode.

By learn the software, you mean “accept it’s limitations and not desire any further functionality”.

Showing the title of the document in Scrivenings view will help (as parity with the Mac version should be the norm), but I see no reason at all that a simple lock/unlock feature in the binder window (as there is in the editor window when using split view) wouldn’t be beneficial.

I had used Scrivener for several years, but after a writing break recently moved to the Windows version. It’s a rather disappointing port.

Even more disappointing is the attitude that this community seems to have. Software can be improved you know.

Both features (Scrivening Titles and ‘secondary’ binder highlight) are in the Windows beta:

Screenshot 2019-07-23 07.38.21.png

No, nothing of the sort. I mean “accept its basic design philosophy”. If clicking in the editor changed the selection in the binder, you couldn’t work with scrivenings.

In the latest Mac version, if you select a folder in the binder and show all its subdocuments in the editor, the current subdocument (where the cursor is) is marked in the binder. However, if you have done a manual selection of documents there is no such cue in the binder. But the title is shown in both the editor (in the text and in the header) and the inspector. So what you want is basically there in the Mac version and thus coming to the new Win version.

This brings up a great point about why many of us seem to get grumpy about suggested changes or requests/demands for new functionality: they usually do not understand (and some appear as if they have not even attempted to understand) the full impact of the suggested “solution” and thus what looks like a simple fix on the face of things is actually anything but.

This is something that I learned from my years as an IT consultant: conversations that start with discussions about “implement this technology” or “change this feature to XY and Z” NEVER ended well. It was either astonishingly difficult to drive these projects to completion on time/on budget, or effectively impossible. My mentors taught me to step the conversation back to “what is the problem you are trying to solve, and what constrains do you have.” By having that conversation, we could figure out the real problem and usually find a way to fix it for far less time and money – and be able to clear up several lingering problems. We could also usually manage to achieve greater adoption rates of process changes among the users, because we could show them how we were helping them solve problems that had been bugging them for a long time.

Some of the best threads on this forum follow this same pattern – “I am having this problem, how can I solve it?” The ones that start off with “Change X to solve my problem” inevitably don’t go nearly as smoothly.

To reiterate one point made above: if what you want is to see the index card for the item you are currently editing within a Scrivenings session, then open the Inspector to the first tab. It will be featured in the top right corner, where you can edit the title and synopsis as you please.

This has been a basic capability of Scrivener since the very first version (before there was even a Windows version), so you don’t have to try the beta or anything like that.

Now if you are curious as to why the binder and editor relationship is designed the way it is, this is a topic with extensive discussion on the matter:

  • This post links to several other relevant topics.
  • And in that same thread I provided a lengthy answer for the reasoning. Note this refers to the 3.0 feature of passive highlighting in future tense. As noted above, passive highlighting will be available soon.

I downloaded the Scrivener3 beta, and as noted by Brookter above, it both highlights the current scrivenings cursor position in the binder tab, and shows the document title.