Showing nested text in parent documents, opening additional windows, and searching searching Scrivener links

Hi, I am using Scrivener alot and loving it, but there are a few issues/questions that i have. Could you please help?

  1. How can i make the “parent” documents also show all of the information in the “nested” documents when i click on the “parent” document? I’ve attached this screenshot to show what i see when i click on “video” document … 3.png?dl=0

I want to see all of the text in the subdocuments when i click on the “video” document, but i currently only see text in thats directly in the video document (and none of the nested document text below it).

I know this is possible because i’ve done it before , but havent been able to remember how to fix it yet. How do i do it?

  1. Is there any way to open up another window displaying the current window in Scrivener? Or is there any way to change the default size that the quick reference windows open? If they could open larger automatically, then this would solve this issue that i’m having.

When i use an app like evernote or omnifocus, i can hit command+option N to open up the same window that i am looking at in a second window. This makes it easier to make changes and see another window to refer to. I know that i can open up a quick reference window, but those always open up small and there is no keyboard shortcut (that i know of) to just open up the current document as a quick reference window. I also remember there being a way to see another document text on the bottom of the main window, but i dont remember how to do that and it seems like a full window would be more helpful anyway (though I’d appreciate if you could let me know how to view this mode if there is no easy to way open up the current window in a new window)

2.b. Also, is there any way to open a quick reference window by clicking on it. When i use chrome, I can open links in a new window by shift+clicking on a link or open a new tab by cmd+clicking the click. Is anything like this possible in Scrivener?

  1. I’m starting to use Scrivener links often and am finding it difficult to search a specific document because its not searching text within the Scrivener links within that document. When i am searching on a certain document, is there any way to also search all of the text that is in the scrivener links on that document? I know that i can use the search bar in the top right to search the entire “manuscript”, which includes all the Scrivener links, but it doesnt seem that i can limit that to just searching the current document and the Scrivener inks within it. Does that make sense? Any way to do what i’m looking for?

Thanks, Dan

  1. It sounds like you turned off Scrivenings mode at some point, so containers are only showing their own text rather than grouping their subdocuments into the view as well. You can toggle between these two modes with Cmd-1, or the View/Scrivenings menu command.

  2. There isn’t a way of opening a second project window.

  • You’re right there isn’t a keyboard shortcut by default, but you can add your own to the Documents/Open/as QuickReference menu command. I do this a lot as well; I use Ctrl-Shift-O for my custom shortcut.
  • I think by that you mean split views? You can work with two editors at once in the main window. You can either use the Opt-Cmd-= shortcut, or click the split icon in the upper right-hand corner of the editor header bar.
  • Not by clicking, but you can hit the Spacebar to open a binder selection as QR. We will be adding an Option-click action in 3.0, but it will open the document in the other split (opening one if necessary).
  1. I’m not following this last one. Scrivener Links are just like normal text, or any other hyperlink, and should be found with Cmd-F like the rest. Or do you mean searching within the text of all documents linked from the current document? If so, no there isn’t a way of doing that. For one thing those documents may not even be loaded into memory at the time. Scrivener only loads what you’ve looked at in the editor.

Hope that helps!