Showing off: Scrivener with dual monitors.

I simply wanted to share this because it’s brilliant, and only possible in Scrivener as far as I know. I found this Dell monitor - which works in portrait - second-hand on ebay, and put it to good use. It provides the ideal writing setup as far as I’m concerned. Binder/corkboard on the iMac, editor on the Dell. :smiley:desktop.jpg

Neat! I know vaguely how to accomplish this, but it’d be nice if you could go over it again. I have one of those rotatable Dell monitors that I use with my laptop, so I could do my setup similarly if I’m feeling ambitious enough to rearrange my desk.

Yes I’ll try:

  1. The menu has to be in the screen you want the working end of Scrivener to be, the iMac in my case.

  2. Preferences-> Compose should be set as followed

  3. Select the document you want to edit and click Compose. Hey presto. That works for me, anyway.

That’s wonderful. Hopefully, this will be coming to the Windows version at some point.

The utility that I have found most useful with dual monitors is SwtichResX (no affiliation) which allows you to configure your setup on an application by application basis.

That is pretty cool.

Now I need to work on my writer’s cave. So jealous.

A bit late to the party, but a helpful tip: 3M sells a rotating monitor stand which will support any LCD monitor up to 16 pounds and which has a 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA-D mounting bracket. As near as I can tell, this includes the vast majority of flat-panel monitors out there, including my semi-ancient Dell E207WFP. A simple adjustment in the Mac’s Display Preferences rotates the image on the external monitor.

I’m planning to buy one of these for my birthday (in 2-1/2 weeks), and will report back if there’s interest.

I have to say I love this…using dual monitors makes life so easy