Showing only one POV

I have two POV characters and have labelled each scene as being in one POV or the other. Is it possible for me to show the text from all the scenes in one POV (using the labels?) and none of the other POV? For instance, to see chapters 1, 3, 5 as if none in between, using the labels I’ve given them to tell it which I want to see.

I am new to it and lots to learn, but I’ve imported a work-in-progress and have figured out other basics so it would be hugely helpful if someone could just tell me how to do this - thanks. I can learn the rest myself later.

Use Collections…

Thank you. I will look that up.

I’ve made two collections but can you get the whole text of those scenes to display in one long page?

If you have collections, they behave just like the binder. Just click on the topmost level and you will get it as one long document.

I can’t get that to happen. I’m probably doing it wrong. I will persevere.

On Windows we don’t yet have the facility to click on the top header bar for the collection to load it into the editor. That’s for the most part just a convenience however, since the main editor always combines multiple items together into its view when you select more than one thing at a time in the left sidebar. Hence, you can hit Ctrl-A to select the entire collection list at once, and then switch Scrivenings mode on in the editor.