Hello, I’m very new to Scrivener, and just trying to get my head around it all and finding it a bit baffling at the moment. However, my main current concern is seeing changes I make to an edit, in a colour, so I can compare with a previous version in the split screen. And then after that, then obviously turning them back to black once I am happy (or alternately a different colour when I do my next revision) I am using the trial version of Scrivener on a Windows platform.

Also, could someone point me in the direction of the best book to buy which will help guide me through scrivener as quickly as possible?

Thank you.

We don’t provide capability for this at the moment, but it is a planned feature for the future—both as a typing mode (think, a very simple “track changes”) and as a retroactive thing where you can compare the difference between two different versions of a document, or between the current version and a previous (via the Snapshots feature).