showing the overall wordcount

so I have different documents under my manuscript folder, and I was wondering how I made it show the overall wordcount? Right now I can only see the wordcount for each document individually when I press on them, but it’s kind of tiring to add them all especially when doing sprints :cry:

help idk how to change it

Select them all in the Binder and the word count in the Footer should show the combined total of all the documents younwant to include, as well as the combined text (the ‘Scrivening’). Or if you want them all, just click on the Draft/Manuscript folder and make sure it’s in Scrivening mode.

This should work even in the old Windows version, IIRC, but it definitely does in V3. There are other ways, if you’ve set document/project targets, or if you use Outline mode and add the word count columns, but using the scrivening is probably the quickest for arbitrarynselections of documents.


Hi, thank you so much for replying and I’m SO SORRY for this, but how do I change it to scrivening mode?

Sorry for the delay — I missed your reply.

Scrivenings mode is just the official term for the long virtual document you get when you select more than one document in the binder. The easiest way to get to it is to toggle Ctl-1 — it moves between showing the Scrivening (all selected content) and single document view. You can also get to it via the icon bar and the View menu.

Hope this helps!

While scrivenings mode will do, you can get the word count for the entire project (and have options as to what is and isn’t counted) by going to Project->Statistics (Win+Ctrl+Shift+S)
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