Showing titles in scrivenings mode

I have Scrivener 2.5, and now the titles of each document do not show up in scrivenings mode. I tried looking in the manual, which told me to go to View, Editor, Show Titles in Scrivenings. But that option doesn’t exist in my View menu. (Hulk smash!!)

This is important to me because I cut and paste scrivenings as a quick and dirty way to combine documents for my writing group without going through the compile process.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry about that! I fixed these references the other day to point to the new location in the manual. This item was moved to the Format/Options/ sub-menu.

Incidentally, the File -> Print Current Document might be able to give you what you need without even having to cut and paste. It prints whatever is in the current editor window, which can include a Scrivenings session. It can’t create a Word file, but it can print to a PDF as well as to paper.

If you do this often, you might also set up a Compile preset for it. Takes a little more time, but you’d only have to do it once.


Wonderful, thank you! I’ve got my quick fix and ideas for a better process in the future.

Is there any way to control the leading or paragraph spacing before/after the titles? I’d like to offset them a little more. :slight_smile:


There isn’t. It would be a little bit of overkill I think to have a full formatting pane here for this particular option. We would then start having to rationalise why many of the other font fields do not have their own little mock editors with fake paragraphs. :slight_smile:

That’s fair logic. As a typophile/designer it just sands the skin a little. :slight_smile: I’ll certainly live.

I find some fonts work better than others. Adobe Garamond Pro, for example, comes with a fairly large amount of “built-in” leading, that sets it further above the text following, than the default Cochin. Calluna (not provided by OS X, unfortunately) is another good one.

Garamond works. Thanks for the tip!

Several months later, the Scrivener Manual I open from Help, here, still lists View>Editor>Show Titles in Scrivenings. How do I get a newer manual?

There hasn’t been a separate update to the manual, as it’s packaged with the program and 2.5 is the most recent Mac release.