* * * Shows Up In Compiled Version

When I compile my project I get * * * at the bottom of ‘some’ pages. I can’t see a pattern to where the asterixes show up and where they don’t. It’s always at the bottom of a page of text. About 15 of the 75 pages in my document have them. I am compiling as a paperback novel for print. In the separators option when I compile nothing is chosen. Plus they don’t show up just where there are separations. They show up mid text, at the bottom of the page.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Take a look at your Layout settings in Compile in particular the Empty Lines Across Page Breaks. The default replacement there is “* * *”. File > Compile then “All Options” then Layout.

Works perfectly, of course.

Thank you so much, reepicheep! I am grateful.