Shrunken icons in column view

I don’t know if this is a bug or expected behaviour, but since I haven’t seen it before I thought I might mention it. I renamed a project outside of Scrivener (a regular renaming in Finder) and then launched it. I noticed the type icons in column view appeared weirdly shrunken:

I guess you shouldn’t rename stuff this way :wink:.

These icons will shrink to accommodate the column width. Try increasing the width of the Type column and see if they grow back to their original size.

Or, hmm. They used to. It looks like now that the arrow is removed from the Type column, they no longer do that – so, never mind!

Oh! It worked for me. So it’s a feature then. Excellent. :slight_smile:

I figured it out. The scaling feature only works when it is in the first position on the left. If the column is out somewhere else (like in the default position to the right of Title), then the column merely inhibits the minimum width to the normal icon width.

Yes, this is right. The minimum column width is set so that it will fit the icon. However, if the column is the outliner column, it has triangles to accommodate, too, which means the icon will get expanded.

In Joakim’s case, when he renamed the project in the Finder, the project lost all of its default settings, such as hidden columns, widths, etc. This is normal. State-saving for any given project are saved in the preferences file using the filepath of the project as part of the saving process (this is standard Cocoa behaviour, so that you can save the state of multiple projects). Thus, if you rename a project, it has a different path so its state-saving will be lost.

Hope that helps.
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