Shuffle, shuffle...hop - assembling a novel

I’m busy writing my second novel and, while I already know how it’s going to end, and the key points, I find myself writing chapters in non-consecutive order. I get an idea for a scene or chapter and need to hammer it down before it’s gone. At some point I’ll need to start shuffling!

I’m curious to know how others write their novels. In linear, chapter by chapter fashion, or all over the shop, like me? And what challenges do you meet on the way, particularly in the reassembly job.

I write about 90% linear, with the occasional skipped section if there’s something I’m not enthusiastic about writing just yet. But even then I only tend to skip one scene, then resume linear writing from that point onward.

I don’t like writing chapters out of context, but then I’m an inveterate outliner - so if I get a cool idea for a later chapter while I’m in the middle of writing an earlier section, I just make notes for when I do reach it.

For the most part, I start from the beginning and work linearly from there. Every once in a while, though, I’ll skip ahead to write a scene that I haven’t gotten to just yet, just because I feel like writing a fight scene, or a love scene, or a bit of conspiracy. Those scenes won’t actually make it into the draft as they are, but when the time comes I’ll pull them out of the “Outtakes” folder for reference.

Chaotically. I write pretty much all over the place. The arc for one of my stories is currently spanning five books, and even with the outlining [the only way I can keep track of this beast] I still am writing non-linearly. And not necessarily by choice.

What my Muse gives me, she doesn’t deliver in any sequence that I can recognise. The ideas and scenes come to me in no particular order, and I have to figure out where each bit belongs in the timeline. Not easy, when a new scene happens abouts two-thirds or three-quarters along the story arc, and I then have to make certain there’s either foreshadowing or some kind of character basis for the event earlier in the timeline,… hence, more retrofitting.

But all of that is so much easier, now. The corkboard and outline features in Scrivener have cut down the amount of time I have to spend to grok exactly where I must put any new scene that just comes out of the blue [these new scenes usually come to me while I’m in the shower – why is that?].

I suppose the greatest difficult in writing this way, aside from keeping the story flowing smoothly with no glaring plot-holes, is making certain the development for each character is the way it needs to be for that place of the timeline.

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You`ll just have to get someone to take a photo of you in the shower, and post it here in the thread :smiling_imp: Then maybe we can answer your question…but…then again, maybe not 8)

Welcome to Scrivener Radish.

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I’m glad my Muse is submissive, and does what I tell her to do (and looks good in black leather :smiling_imp: ).

Welcome, Radish.

Forgive me - but just what is it about Portland? :wink:


vic-k: a picture in the shower? Thanks for asking, however,…

Matthew Graybosch: a submissive [!?] Muse – colour me surprised! I never knew such a thing existed. [What good’s a Muse who won’t kick your backside into a serious mode of production?] My own Muse is kind of imperative and naggy and all bossy-like.

Hugh: which “what is it about Portland?” There are so many, and I wanna make sure my response isn’t non sequitur.

And thanks for the welcome, guys – :slight_smile:

Radish, it’s just that you have company ([url]]) - and, statistically, what are the odds? :wink:

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Well, she’s a very well-behaved daemon process. If I want an idea, I tell her what to do and let her run in the background. She’s much more pleasant to deal with than my inner child, who I keep bound in a black leather straitjacket, and locked in a reinforced padded cell that’s shielded in lead and concrete. (And the little bastard still gets out from time to time.)

That’s my wife’s job. “I want to know what happens next in Starbreaker,” she says, “So stop smoking crack and playing Donkey Kong!”

So there are lotsa Portlanders here, huh? Cool!

Ah, yes. Truth in advertising [avatar? silly me, I thought it was a flashcard]. :open_mouth:

Matthew, your inner child sounds way scary – please do keep him secured. My inner child, frankly, is more like a whole tribe of ADHD munchkins. There is just too much going on in there for all that noise to be coming from just one kid.

Don’t worry, I usually keep my inner problem child well in hand, and well away from high explosives.

Ahhh it’s never to late to have a happy childhood!

Portland? Eh? I could ahe sworn my mapquest said I was a lot further south. :slight_smile:

I live in Hurricane central, always having to duck those monstrosities though around these parts we never get really worked up and tape the windows unless it is a category 3 or higher.

Portland is a myth in actuality. It was designed to confuse our European friends into thinking we had a secret Shangri la hidden in the US of A.

Don’t let them fool ya I say! That far north they have to be Canadian!

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Careful. My northern relocated southern axx might take offense to that. There are some of us up here that still remember the way people are supposed to sound and the way food is supposed to taste (and not finding anything up here remotely the way the good Lord intended it). It won’t take much to push us over the edge. How many vic-k do we need around here?

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The Muse performance will be of lesser quality.

Because all the Muses have a union, and such poor treatment of my Muse would not only tick her off, it would get word around the Museland.

Nah, I just can’t risk it.

What WereBear said – My Muse and I are on decent terms at the moment, and I like it that way.

Siren, have you and your Muse considered couples’ counseling?

Muse shot back. She didn’t miss. I lose again.

Couldn’t you just give your Muse a good spanking?

Siren Chéri,

I think my friend the Kinky Therapist , has a few cattle prods lying around, that she doesn`t use anymore. Would you like me to ask her to send you one. Or perhaps make an appointment for your muse to see her.

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