shuffling index cards/windows 8

When I try to shuffle cards or shuffle lists like the one on the left, I lose information and the cards when I click and drag. Any suggestions? Thanks

I’ll take a whack at this… I could be wrong…

As to what is happening… my guess is that you are moving items (seen as index cards in Corkboard view and as folders or documents in the binder on the left) to somewhere in the Binder (project hierarchy) other than where you intended.

As far as the Corkboard view goes, I don’t use it much, but here’s my guess… Corkboard only shows a view of one currently selected level of the project hierarchy (outline). If you are dragging index cards around within the Corkboard view, I think the only thing you can do is change their sequence. If you drag an index card from the Corkboard view into the binder (or other view) you may wind up moving the index card item to somewhere else in the hierarchy, such that it vanishes from the current Corkboard view. Selection of where you drop something in the binder can be somewhat finicky and you need to take care to make sure the proposed drop location (indicated by horizontal line or highlight) is where you intend.

If dragging/moving items within Binder, same holds true. At a minimum, the item will likely be moved. If dropped on an item, rather than between items, the dropped item will become a subordinate item of the item it was dropped onto. Depending on what view you are in and how expanded the view is, the item may appear to disappear. That’s because it got moved somewhere outside the scope of your view. It is still there, somewhere in the project. You may have to expand some items that contain subordinate items… or use a text search… in order to find it, if it dropped someplace other than where you thought.

The good news is that Binder, Corkboard and Outline items never just vanish… they wind up where you moved them… or worst case, if deleted, they wind up in the Trash container item, from where they can be retrieved (unless one has subsequently done an “empty trash”).

Note that moves of items in the hierarchy cannot be undone via Edit > Undo (Ctrl+Z) (presumably due to the complexities of the project database indexes and underlying physical file system)… but can be undone manually be moving them from where they were moved to back to where they started at.

If you have not already done so, go through the tutorial (Help > Interactive Tutorial) and skim or read chapters 5, 6, 8 and 12.1 of the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual or download PDF version from L&L Support page ). You might also view the video tutorials (link on that same page).

There are various articles and tutorials available elsewhere on the Internet and books/ebooks regarding Scrivener available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Hope the above is of some assistance. Post back as to how things go.

Hope that helps.

P.S. Looks like there might be a limited exception re viewing multiple levels within the Corkboard view… that might facilitate finding a lost item… … 93&start=0