Shutting Down

After my trial expired I purchased Scrivener. I successfully entered name/code and activated. I am able to open the program but, about 1 minute after opening the program, it spontaneously shuts down. This is exactly what happened to alert me to the expiration of my trial.

Please advise.

Best advice is probably for you to contact Literature & Latte via email, as discussed here

If want to try things while awaiting a response…

Does Scrivener run long enough for you to be able to click on Help and see whether it now displays “Deactivate Scrivener” rather than “Register”? If it still displays “Register”, worth trying again to register (fastest way might be to have name/code up in a text editor (NotePad, etc.) and copy/paste name and code rather than type manually). If that doesn’t work, could uninstall, download a fresh copy of the free trial, reinstall and try registering again. For some anti-virus programs, such as Avast, you may need to temporarily disable them during the install or tell them to exempt Scrivener from their scans/etc.

A couple of knowledgebase articles that may prove relevant… … tion-error … y-settings

Hope that is of some assistance.