Shutting Off Automatic Chapter Naming

I’ve been digging all over, trying to shut off automatic chapter naming, so that my Prologue will appear with the title Prologue (as it’s named in the synopsis) instead of chapter 1. Please will someone tell me how to do this? I’m ready to scream.

Open the Compile sheet and click “All Options”, then click on “Formatting” in the sidebar. You’ll see a table on the right with different file types (folder, document stacks, and single documents) and levels–it might just be three rows, or you may have some with multiple levels, depending what preset/template you’re starting with. Click in the table here to display the sample text for that file type in the preview below–in one or more you’ll see the “Chapter One” prefix you want to get rid of. Without knowing how your prologue is set up in the binder I can’t say definitely which one of these you’ll want to edit; you might want to just remove the prefixes from all of them. If your prologue is a folder, you’ll want to click in the folder row; if it’s a single document (has no subdocuments) then you’ll want to click in that one. For the selected row, hit the “Level Settings…” button and then just delete the prefix text that you see there.

(You’ll want to have the “Title” column ticked, though, so you do get the file’s title in the compile.)

And to add to that excellent bit of advice, if all you want to do is shut off the title for that one single Prologue document, there are two ways of going about it:

  1. Click the “Compile As-Is” flag. This can have formatting ramifications, so only use it if you really need it. I suspect you do want it to say “Prologue” at the top of the page in a chapter style font, however…
  2. The feature designed just for this sort of thing: right below the Formatting option pane is “Title Adjustments”. This only appears when a prefix or suffix (such as “Chapter <$w>”) has been added to any of the formatting type rules as described above. In the title adjustments pane, use the “Do not add title prefix or suffix to documents” drop-down menu to put checkmarks beside any items which shouldn’t have prefixes under any circumstances.

My Manuscript contents look like this:

Title Page
Chapter 1
Scene 1
Scene 2

Instruction #2 from Amber got rid of it insisting that the prologue was chapter 1 (thanks!), but none of these instructions gets me the title Prologue at the top of my Prologue, so I’m only half there.

This is much harder to set up than it should be.

You need to tick the box in the “Title” column in the compile sheet’s Formatting pane–probably for the single document type level 1 going by your outline there, although with the forum losing spacing I might be misinterpreting that. If the formatting table shows both “Level 1” and “Level 2+” for the single documents, and if your scene documents are inside the “Chapter” folders like I’m guessing, that should do you–titles will get added for the first level of documents (ie, your Prologue) but not for documents that are subdocuments of others, so your scenes won’t end up titled “Scene 1”, “Scene 2” and so on.

Oops I should have double-checked that those came out right. Let me fix it:

___Title Page
___Chapter 1
______Scene 1
______Scene 2

That did do it! I had to change Prologue to PROLOGUE and add an extra space to the top of the prologue file, so it’d look the same as the numbered chapters, but that’s minor stuff.

Now if I can remember how I did this, so I don’t have to re-learn it when I start the next novel in the series. sigh

Good, glad that worked! You can save your compile settings so you can use them with your next project. From the “Format As” drop-down menu at the top of the compile pane choose “Manage Compile Preset Formats” and then click the “+” button in the bottom right to create a new custom preset with the current compile settings.

Oh, also, another way to get your “Prologue” title in all caps would be to click the “Level Settings” button for that row and then click the “Title Appearance” tab and set the title to use all caps. That way it will match the chapter titles you’re getting for the folders and you won’t have to change how things look in your binder. Since it’s just that one file, though, it’s probably not that necessary unless you just don’t like the look of all caps in your binder (which, I confess, would probably drive me nuts). :slight_smile:

I hate the look but can live with it. :slight_smile:

That’s the strange thing, I saved my compile settings last time. Maybe I hadn’t added that setting before I did, though. Found the preset formats section and updated my custom setup.