si SI Si...

Hello ! A little bug I think.

In french, “si” means “if”. We use it a lot.

The corrector of Scrivener changes all starting “Si” in “SI”. It is easy to correct (Ctrl+Z if I see it immediately, going back and changing I to i if not), but it is still annoying.

Thank you

I’ve had a similar problem in Spanish in the past. You might try making Scrivener learn “si” spelling.

Then again type “si”. Did that fix it for you?

Just tried it (added “Si” in custom word list), as it seemed a very good idea, but no luck, still the same problem.

In fact I tried many things, and it is quite strange :

Si(space) -> SI (this is the problem)
si(space) -> Si (but this one is correct)

(blabla) si -> si
(blabla) Si -> Si

Fun :slight_smile:

But did you try to add “si” (lowercase) to the custom words list?

I’ve found that if only a capitalized version of the word is in the dictionary, Scrivener will use that one, probably believing it’s a proper noun. But if the lower case version is also present, it will not flag it as an error.

In fact, I always prefer to add non capitalized versions of words to the dictionary, so I don’t have to make Scrivener learn them twice.

BTW, do you have “correct spelling errors as you type” enabled? I used to have this enabled at the beginning, but since the dictionary Scrivener uses is somewhat limited, it ended up correcting things that needed not to be corrected, so I have it disabled now.

If you have “Captalize ‘i’” enabled in the Corrections options, deselect that. There’s a bug where it will auto-capitalise when it is the second letter of a two-letter word at the beginning of a new paragraph, and as you’re writing in French you won’t get much use out of it anyway. :slight_smile:

Hello, I had to search for Capitalize i in the manual to find the option, the french translation is just Met en majuscules (-> “capitalize”).

Unchecked it and all is ok now, thank you !