Side By Side text in two windows.

Hi all,

First time poster.

I have looked but I don’t see a way to edit two text items at the same time in the iOS version of Scrivener.

I loved that I could have two pieces of a document open in a side by side view on the Mac version to write in one and have the other document for reference.

Even better was the ability to have the same document open in two windows and the edit on one affected the other.

Is this possible in the iOS version?

Sorry if this is too easy. I spent a good amount of time searching for the answer this morning.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

This post on the Lit & Lat blog is probably what you’re looking for:

There’s an entire section devoted to Scrivener for iOS, look to the left of the article linked to, under “Categories”.

In addition, it’s in the section “Referring to Research” in the tutorial at the bottom of your projects list in iOScrivener.


Thanks so much.

Hopefully I write a joke that you find funny one day.