Side by Side View - How Do You Widen Side Bar?

Hi :slight_smile:

I am wanting to widen a Side Bar in the side-by-side view for Scrivener iOS.

The L&L blog states that … “(You can easily make the sidebar wider to see more of the document, too.)”

Here is the link to the particular blog:

I have tried and tried … using every gesture I know on the Side Bar, but I just cannot seem to make the Side Bar wider.

I would appreciate any guidance.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Navigate to the top level of your project.
Tap the gear icon in the lower left corner.
Tap Expanded for sidebar.


Hi HappyCatMachine (Love the handle, by the way :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much. That did it! (And that is what was meant by Sidebar > Expanded … dah! Lol!)

Though it would be great if you could draw the Side Bar to any which length you like … similar to when you have another app open to show it besides another one. But that maybe a limitation in iOS.

But thank you again. You enabled to get to work properly on the iPad. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile: