I need to place two versions of a chapter side-by-side. As simple as that. I see a split icon that might work top to bottom, but I don’t want to go goofing around with it for fear of losing my work. Any help appreciated. Two versions of the same chapter side-by-side on the screen. Thanks very much.

I can’t see how you’d lose any work invoking the split screen, but you could always back-up immediately before experimenting. If the icon shows a middle vertical line, click on it and youl’l get your two screens; if it doesn’t press Opt (alt) and you’ll see the line appear - then click it.

Beautiful. Thanks very much, works perfectly. I didn’t know about the horizontal versus vertical split screen.

If you haven’t gone through the basic tutorial (in the Help menu) yet, that might be a good idea. You can skip over the parts that aren’t relevant to you, and get a pretty good grasp of how to use tools like split views.