Sidebar link to external folder

How can I create a link in the sidebar to an external folder rather than to individual files. The logic of putting it in the sidebar is that it would be in the Research folder along with any other research stuff, rather than in the Inspector. I can use bookmarks in the Inspector, but I would prefer the link to be in the Research folder, where IMHO it really belongs.

The folder is full of research files which are mainly images of old documents together with a text transcription all arranged in sub-folders according to the Archive ref. Each of these sub-folders contains several jpegs at fairly high res, which is why I want to keep them outside the main project file to avoid bloat.

i’ve tried creating a webloc in the Research folder linkingthe external folder via a text file thus: users/me/library/Mobile Documents/com-apple-CloudDocs/Archive-Res Docs using the extension .webloc but this fails.

Any ideas appreciated. If it can’t be done, I’ll stick to the Inspector bookmark so no problem.

Have you looked at the Import Research Files as Aliases function?


Yes Katherine I did check that, but AFAICT it works with individual files and not folders. I’m looking for something that will give me an alias to a folder; in effect a replication of the bookmark behaviour but accessed from the Research folder in the sidebar.

I don’t mind if the link causes the folder to open in Finder or some other external editor.