sidewards scrolling

Hi, KB.

I added a world map to my “Research” section. It’s something like 4,000 pixels wide. I cannot scroll from one end to the other, but I can top to bottom. I can widen the window to accommodate more of the image, but it is still almost useless as it mostly shows me Hawaii and the far Pacific, which isn’t what I’m writing about.


Oh, alternatively, it might just be easier to add an image class that can be stuffed into binders (corkboards? what is this called?) so that it pops-out to let you look at it. Maybe even with pretty web browser zoom-in-and-outable-ness.

Jus’ sayin.


I’m not really sure what you mean. Have you added the image inside of a text document? You should most likely add it as an image document by dropping it into the Research folder directly. Image documents can most definitely be scrolled sidewards.

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Clearly I am being thick. Apologies.

Not at all - if you’re still having problems with this, let me know. I’m just trying to work out what you did so that it didn’t work. It sounds as though you dragged an image into a text file. In that case, if the image is too large it will go off the side of the text area. But if you drag the image into the binder directly (not into the Draft folder as that is text-only), then it should come in as an image file and scroll fine (and double-clicking on it would bring up an image tools panel too). So if you have brought it in as an image file and you’re still seeing problems, or if you need more guidance on this, just let me know.

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No, I figured it out immediately after you described it. I didn’t know I could do it, frankly. Might it be reasonable to put an “Image” item under the green “plus” button so it’s painfully obvious that you can select an image to put in your research folder? I’m now using folders of images of objects that I’m writing about, and it really, really helps.

thank you so much!

Except when viewing the Research area, a Corkboard can have all kinds of media on it. Whatever you can import into Scrivener will show up on the Corkboard. Besides, the ‘+’ menu is for generating new content, whereas importing media (and in the future, arbitrary files of any type) is a completely different concept. Putting it in the ‘+’ menu would imply you can create new images in Scrivener.

I think the concept that is throwing you is that a Corkboard or Outliner is simply a view of a container (can be a folder or a document). So by implication, if you can import it into a container in the Binder, then it can be viewed as a Corkboard. It’s really that which needs to be understood (and the introductory docs and videos already stress this), not that pictures can be put on the Corkboard.