Just got this in my mail from Apple:

Is Sierra ready for Scrivener? Is Scrivener ready for Sierra?

Specific Sierra version coming, according to KB…

Thanks Briar Kit! Missed that thread. :confused:

Pleasure. I have seen Scrivener 2.8 working on Sierra and it seemed fine. Assume an updated release will be more refined.

Have you used Sierra yet? Like it? My owns Macs are too old to run Sierra. Am waiting for the MBP line to be updated before investing in a new Mac.


didn’t want to try it before I knew if Scrivener would run smoothly on it. Suddenly it became a moot point, though, as I found that my “late 2009” MacBook is not compatible with Sierra. Apparently they draw the line at 2010.


Hmm … my MBA is late 2010, so here’s hoping! Mind you, another indicator that age is creeping up on it as well as me! :smiley:


I still have my late 2010 MBA, but it’s never touching another OS X update! That’s the last computer I have that can run the last operating system upgrade Apple published, 10.6. :mrgreen:

It is getting harder and harder each year to actually tell a difference. I upgraded all my Macs to Sierra as the GM was announced. They all updated without a hitch and I can’t really tell much difference. Siri is the most visible change, but I seldom use her on my phone, and don’t have the habit yet to talk to her on my computer. I do think voice is a great interface for work machines though (I’d rather talk to a computer at my desk than mumbling to my phone). In fact I was a very early adopter when my browser of choice (Opera) pioneered voice control for web browsing many many moons ago. If Siri integrated into Automator/Applescript it would be brilliant, but don’t think it currently does.

I read somewhere that in 10.12 they fully switched over to Metal for rendering the UI for dual-GPU laptops. But it is really hard to tell any performance increase (I run 1920x1200 HiDPI which is the most GPU intensive mode, thus where I imagined the improvement would be greatest). Optimised storage seems good for non-technical users, but potentially annoying for geeks (I’ll stick to Daisydisk thank you!)

Universal tabs is cool in theory, but my file manager (the incomparable forklift), text editor (Textmate), browser, and Adobe Illustrator are already tabbed and other oft-used software I tend to use in a single document style (Bookends, Scrivener, nvAlt, Matlab etc.). Word of course where tabs would be useful for is incompatible (Scrivener also doesn’t support tabs yet)…

I am happy the name is just one word now: macOS!

Now that I’m aged, feeble, and half blind, :imp: I’m opting for the macOs for the visually impaired: macaural. I hear it also scales nicely. Comes in a news wrapper. Fairly complete with no chips.

With a dash of :smiley: