Sigil epub Editor

Just an app note I snagged from Andy Ihnatko on Macbreak weekly - Sigil - a very decent epub editor if you’re trying to get some story online in a mobile format and so. I’m actually quite liking it to be honest, and like Andy might publish a short story via it.

Looks nice! (Of course, you’ll be able to create .epub files with Scrivener 2.0, too. :slight_smile: )
All the best,

Well played KB!

That would be amazing also. I’ve tried making epubs by editing the XML in BBEdit, by playing with the frankly horrible Stanza Desktop App and a few other ways. Sigil is very nice. If Scrivener can do this nicely via templates (or whatever) then I might actually go for 2.0 - I was planning to hold off as I haven’t actually finished a story yet.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, this is way better than calibre. :smiley:

In fact I liked it so much that I made a special MultiMarkdown XSLT file for it, that you can download here. This will automatically add page-breaks before every chapter, which I think is very convenient.