Significant lag, can't open dropdowns

There is a significant lag between typing or selecting text, long enough it’s impossible to write, and sometimes the cursor doesn’t appear at all. When I try the dropdowns (like Help), only the outline of a box appears. This is happening on both my laptop and desktop. I have recently installed the latest Win 10 update. Have tested other programs and have no problems.

Trying not to freak out. All help appreciated! I’ve seen on some threads that others uninstalled/reinstalled but that didn’t work.

Thank you for suggestions,

I’ve got this problem too with the new version of Scrivener which I believe began before the latest swag of updates to Windows 10.

On my windows tablet, I’m running Scrivener 1.9.6 and there is quite a lag between clicking within the window and the cursor actually appearing there. Sometimes a couple of seconds. Also when trying to highlight, it takes a few seconds for the highlighting to appear.

Another observation. When Scrivener does its autosave (when idle for a few seconds), the window seems to ‘take a step backward’ for a second before returning to its full size/resolution. I can’t think of any other way to describe this.

My desktop PC is still running Scrivener 1.9.5 (having also done the Windows 10 updates) and those problems are not there.

There are a number of things that could be the cause of the lag. Some searching and process of elimination may be required to sort this out.

To get a sense, you might try searching the forums, via the search field in upper right hand corner, trying the following words: lag, interval, delay, freeze and freezing (or freez* for both). Such searching can be tedious, but will provide a sense of likely causes and fixes.

A few possibilities that come to mind (there are others):

  • In Tools > Options > General, increase the “Save after period of inactivity” to a longer period than 2 seconds.
  • What type of drive/storage device is the project stored on? Hard drive (HD), solid state drive (SSD), memory card, USB thumb drive, etc.? Hard drive and solid state drive should be ok, the others can be problematic speedwise (fine for backup, not necessarily fine for actually working in the project).
  • When in “scrivenings” mode, where can view the contents of multiple binder items (folders and docs) concatenated together), clicking into an item that has numerous subordinate items (for example, the Draft folder as a whole rather than some subordinate subfolder or doc) can result in a delay as Scrivener opens all the subordinate items.
  • Multiple images within a given document can result in slowdowns when typing/editing within that document.
  • Relatively large amounts of text (30 KB ?) within a single document can result in slowdowns.

As for empty dropdowns… possibly some of the above or something else… corrupted download/install, anti-virus conflict/interference, …

You may want to directly contact Literature and Latte’s tech support via email, as discussed here:

Hope that is of some assistance.

I tried moving the project to my C: (which I think is a solid state - it’s a windows tablet) and the lag disappeared completely.

It’s not practical to have my working projects (several) on the main drive, there’s not enough space, so I bought a faster card. However, other problems I’ve been having (unrelated to the lag one), continue so will search and if needed raise another thread.