Silhouettes with question marks

I’m brand, spanking, new to the community so be gentle.

I have a folder called “Characters”. Each character has a text document under that folder that has the characters name. Under each character, I have a folder into which I dump pictures. I use the character-named text file for notes.

When I look at the corkboard view, the characters have silhouettes with questionmarks inside. I assumed this was a built-in mechanic that would allow me to put a picture up for each character, but I have not found a way to do this.

This can be a bit tricky when working in the binder, but here are the steps I use to get a picture to show up for a text document’s synopsis.

  • Start by selecting the text document, so that the inspector shows it’s (presumably empty) synopsis.
  • Click the tiny icon (looks like the icon in the binder) in the editor’s header bar, and select Lock in Place. This will prevent the editor & inspector from switching to the picture you are about to click on…
  • Drag the image file from the binder into the inspector.
  • Click the tiny icon in the editor’s header bar again, and select the “lock in place” option again to unlock the editor

Repeat as necessary. You can then trash the original images from the binder (and empty the binder’s trash) if you have no other use for the images.

Alternately, you can drag images from a folder on your computer directly into the synopsis of a document.