Silly Composition Mode Feature Request


Okay, silly feature request time: Right now, in Composition Mode, we can position the paper on the left, the right, and in the center. But what if we could slide a slider and move it from side to side, so we could put it anywhere we want it? Just a thought.

–Andy H.

P.S. – Would still love to be able to independently control the margins used in QuickRef panels, but that’s just me.

Well, the horizontal slider seems to be implemented. But we are not able to position the document vertically. So, an additional feature request :

In Composition Mode: Opt Key changes the Paper Position Slider to Paper Position Vertical Slider.
(As it currently does for the “paper width” to “paper height” functionality I stumbled upon doing the tutorial once again.)

xworker - this is already how it works. Of course, you will need to reduce the height of the paper before you can move it up and down.