Silly Little Predicaments (?!@#$%)

Trying to Open a new project template at the first window, entitled “project templates” —why the boop-sound of denied access? I am all paid up with my software license etc.

At the first window “Project templates” I try to open a new project. It doesn’t matter what project template I try to open: I am met with the boop.
Such a simple and silly predicament I suspect… please 'elp D;

Most surely, likely, impossibly related.
If there was a license issue, you’d be greeted with a friendly window offering you to either try the software or enter your license code.

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Can’t seem to open a new project w/o a boop-sound-- why the boop?

Well. I’d say the boop has to be an “error” sound from the OS itself.
Scrivener doesn’t “boop”, to put it that way.

Maybe check that the files (templates etc) are where they should be. (?)

That sentence makes no sense.
Please expand.

You can’t open a “new project”.
You can create one, or open a pre-existing project. Which is it ?

The Tutorials in “Getting Started” open but all the templates in “All” elicit the infernal boop-sound.

Probably the templates are access restricted, or not where they should be, or… something the like of that.

cannot create new project from template selection

Is Scrivener correctly installed in your Applications folder?

Yes, I believe so. I can open it in finder and in launch-pad. As I say, it allows me access to everything in “getting started” but not the project templates.

Now it’s working!
I was going File<newproject and the wonderful little window prompting you to name your otherwise untitled project (& where to save it) wasn’t showing up. Now it is. Hallelujah. Grrr. Thank you Vincent _Vincent and kewms :metal:

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Care to share what it is you did so that the invisible dialog now appears ?
– For posterity.

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I Quit Scrivener and opened it again.