Silly little question re Chapter icons

I am tidying up before the REAL work starts so I am getting distracted.

Why on earth are the folders next to Chapters 17, 19, 20 and 21 different from 12 to 16?

I have looked up and down but am mystified. My only thought is that they were copied from the original template. PLEASE what does the little bit of text represent. All chapters have multiple scenes in them…


BTW Chapter 18 has a Synopsis so that is what that is about.

Just very curious.


No small icons means that the folder itself is not being utilised as a text document. Folders can contain their own text as well as sub documents.

To get to folder text, select any of those with a small page badge, and turn off your group view mode. You can do this by clicking on the highlighted view mode in the toolbar. This switches off corkboard (or whatever you are using) and reveals the text document that this folder in all reality is. What likely happened, since you have so many without knowledge of this, is that you’ve been duplicating the chapter folder to make new ones, so at some point there was text, and the duplicated ones all have that text as well. That’s a wild guess though. You might have plugged in text when using Scrivenings mode. Scrivenings will display the folder text in the stack, so if you routinely write in Scrivenings, it would be very easy to add text to folders.