Silly search/replace question

Just got version 3 for Windows, and discovered a small problem. I used a single capital letter as a sort of placeholder for undecided character names, only to discover that I can’t seem to do a search and replace on just one letter. Apparently the Mac version allows Regex searches, but that doesn’t seem true for the Windows version. Is there any workaround available, or am I out of luck?

The Scrivener Manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) is your friend. :nerd_face:

See Section 11.7 Regular Expressions.


I don’t see why not. What happens when you try it? Be very careful, though. If you replace A with something else, you could end up replacing it by mistake in a sentence like, “A bird sang to me.”

Yep, that’s the problem. You can’t just search for the letter “C” - it’ll find every instance of it. You need to be able to isolate the letter, so as not to include uses of it in words, too. I tried putting it in quotes, brackets, adding spaces before and after it, etc. No luck.

A thousand thank you’s, Jim! My initial Google search pointed to the RegEx solution, but I couldn’t find the RegEx dropdown item in the search dialog box. Silly me, I was clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar, not the one on the left side of the search box. Haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s great to know the functionality is available! Thanks again.

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