Simple Android app?

Hi everyone, new Mac and Android user here. I’m doing the MacOS trial, and will purchase if I have a reasonable work-around to continue editing my novel on the go with my Android tablet. I also hope Literature and Latte will bring us a native Android solution.

Try Joplin? It is basically an open source replacement for Evernote. It allows me to work even when I am standing in a metro train. It uses MarkDown, and supports onenote sync along with dropbox.

I’m a strictly android and windows user and have been for years. I’m new to scrivener and just want to know if it is compatible with windows new surface pro. I’m currently using an HP laptop and am getting the surface pro soon. Is there any current surface pro/ scrivener users that can let me know how it’s working out? :question:

If you want to use your Surface Pro as a tablet and expect to be able to navigate the Scrivener UI solely with touch, you will not be happy. Scrivener for Windows is a full-fledged desktop app based on the MacOS functionality, and since MacOS doesn’t run on devices with touch screens, getting the Scrivener desktop UI optimized for touch does not appear to have been a priority. (I don’t know if this will change once Scrivener for Windows 3.0 is released, but I suspect some of those changes would need to be coordinated between Mac and Windows versions, so I doubt that they will be coming in a short timeframe.)

If you use mouse and keyboard, it will be fine. I’ve been using Scrivener 1.x, and now the betas, on my various Surface Pros with no issues. One of the things I really adore about my Surface Pros is the whole Windows Essentials build – no extra trial software, no software that disables native system functionality and tries to “replace” it with a bunch of extra cruft that actually bogs the system down (Symantec, McAfee, pretty much every third-party “security” suite I am surely looking at you) – just a clean Windows build with the right drivers. Scrivener runs like a dream on these systems.