Simple database for Mac and Windows?


I’m using a database to enter words and sentences translated in several languages, one field per language; for instance, the title of my fields could be: ENGLISH, FRENCH, POLISH, HUNGARIAN, SPANISH.

On Mac OS X, iData3 (

Hence my question: any suggestions for such a database compatible with both OS X and Windows? :question:
I badly need such a software so that I can work both on my Macs and, when on the road (every day), on a Netbook.
I could then do the syncing between Mac and Windows through the Dropbox. :smiley:

BTW, on Windows I’ve been using FileXPress ( … tabindex=0) but it’s not OS X compatible. :imp:

You might try Panorama, very fast, runs in RAM.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Panorama. Seems intereting. Problem is the price, I’d need a licence for both Mac and Windows, which makes it $600, unfortunately to expensive for me.

Panorama isn’t Unicode compliant. Will it work for the character encodings mentioned above?

Thanks for mentioning the very important detail!

For those interested, exporting from iData3 (Mac) to FileXPress (Windows) works pretty well but with 2 limitations:

  1. Hungarian characters (like ő, ű, etc.) are not replicated in Windows
  2. FileXPress is Windows XP compatible only

Note: on exporting, make sure to select UTF-16 (and not UTF-8).

UPDATE of my previous post: Free Text Area is imported :smiley:

That being said, any suggestions to answer my initial question (title of the thread) would be very appreciated.

You might consider using Base, the database app in OpenOffice.
Discussion of Unicode input is here:

Thanks druid, I’m checking that out right away :wink:

I once made a collection of word and phrase equivalents by simply making a table in a word processing document with each language in a different column. I realise this is rather basic, but nothing is more portable. I’ve also experimented with a spreadsheet for the same. Obviously you don’t get the same range of search functions as you do with a proper database, but it might provide a solution to the portability problem.

Best of luck with it,

Martin BB.

Thanks Martin for your suggestion.
But search functions in a spreadsheet, as you wrote, are not fit to my needs.

I think I’m going to stick with the iData3/FileXpress duo since exporting & importing from one another are ok.

Well, unlesss somebody comes up with a miracle solution, of course :smiley: