Simple Ebook compile guide?

I’ve been compiling my ebook novel with the old version of Scrivener using a template that someone created for me a few years back.

I’ve just come to compile my latest ebook with the same Ebook and it’s not working properly or displaying properly in the kindle previewer (the offline one).

I had a quick look at the videos for compiling but they don’t seem straightforward.

My novel is straightforward. I have folders which are chapters, and they contain one or 2 text files which are the scenes.The scenes have “*****” between them. I have some pages outside of the chapter folders which are for front and back matter. I also obviously have a front cover.

What’s the most straightforward way to setup the format I described above? Should I dump the template I have and start from scratch? or how can I change the current template I have to the format I described above? (Which I would prefer).

If your existing template was designed for Scrivener 2, and you are now using Scrivener 3, you should review our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users, here: