Simple help needed

I’m sure this is simple, but I must be brain dead today.

I’ve used Scrivener for Windows for a while now, writing and publishing ebooks.

I’m working on a simple manuscript, divided into chapters. It’s a novel. Each paragraph, except the first, is tabbed in.

But when I compile, the paragraphs do not indent. I can center the title of each chapter and accomplish everything else I need, except the Tabs, which I’ve manually set by selecting each chapter and clicking on the ruler. In Compile, checking and unchecking the “Override text…” box in the Formatting section doesn’t seem to affect anything.

Sidebar question: Can I preserve a master default format somewhere that I can apply to all my novels without thinking? I do not see a Preserve Formatting choice or Save As Default formatting (it’s mentioned in the forum. Again, dead brain). I am using the Windows version, and I suspect the choices are somewhat different than the Mac.

Thank you!

There is a thread below explaining how to create default formatting and apply it to an existing document. It did not work for me.

Sooo, I could still use some assistance, please.

What format are you compiling to? Ebooks don’t handle indentation the same as, say, a PDF or RTF document, so that may be part of the problem you’re running into. Also be sure that you’re using an actual indent rather than a tab character for the indentation–this may be what you’re doing, but I wasn’t quite clear as you mentioned both tabs and adjusting the ruler. What indentation size do you have?–0.25in, 0.5in, 1in?

You’ll want to leave the “Override” option unchecked, since you have some paragraphs with indentation and some without and want to preserve that. It sounds like you’ve done all your formatting in the editor anyway, so leaving it unchecked will just compile with that editor formatting, to the extent that the file format you’re compiling to can maintain it.

I’m not sure which thread you’re referring to, but this sounds like adjusting formatting in the editor by changing the default settings and updating the documents to match. This won’t have any affect on your compile output unless you’re compiling without overriding the formatting, but even then this doesn’t sound like the complete solution to your problem, since you don’t want all of the paragraphs in your documents formatted identically. Still, this should be working for you. What steps did you take to convert the documents?

Thank you for your reply.

I’m compiling to .mobi. As I said, the first book went smoothly–I adjusted the ruler by simply adding the L at .5 to tab my paragraphs manually. I don’t want the first line of each chapter indented and that’s the best I could figure out. With the first book, I can click Compile > Formatting and in the Text modify screen (bottom of right column) I can see those indents in the preview screen.

In this current book, I followed the same system and it isn’t working. The only way I can get consistent indents is to move the top slider on the ruler, but that also indents the top line.

I use Kindle Gen, per the instructions at the end of Compile.

I’m thinking of just starting a new project, remove all the formatting in the current one, then cut and paste it in, then re-format.


I think I’ll go back to the instruction videos. Clearly, I’m not getting automatic paragraph tabbing and I need to know how to do that and customize it the way I want.

Does someone know where the button in Compile is that removes first paragraph indent? The Windows version.

Thank you.