Simple iOS Feature Requests to Help Outlining

Part of the greatness of Scrivener is its ability to receive lots of thoughts, images, pieces, etc. and allow them to be organized easily. Organizing material is easily half of my time when writing, so it’d be great to have that be more useful on an iPad. I know Scrivener iOS isn’t intended anywhere near a full version, but please consider adding a minor tweak or two that would help make story structuring easier on iOS:

  • Allow the Binder to expand to the full screen width so full titles can be seen. Without this, the Binder isn’t so usable for structuring. The wonderful drag-and-drop in iOS can’t be used unless the document titles are very short.
  • A way to make the individual font size in the binder smaller so full titles can be seen.
  • Some way to mark documents as with multiple colors, labels or tags – or allowing multiple labels or colors on a document. Each scene document in a story fits multiple arcs, which is why screenwriters commonly mark index cards on a wall with multiple colors. Being able to mark a scene as part of more than one arc would be far more helpful than a single label or icon or color. Also wildly useful when writing novels, dissertations, etc. Perhaps there’s some simpler/easier way to achieve this so we can track an arc visually (color) or by searching (tags)?

Half of many people’s work in iOS is structuring stories, so any of these would be a tremendous help!

Thanks again for an amazing tool on both Mac & iOS!

Have the developers looked into this?

I came here to search the forums for this exact feature, as I need to use it myself for the memoir I’m currently working on. I need to use two and sometimes three different label colors to keep track of things, but it appears I have to choose only one, which limits how far I can organize my arcs, etc.

I will keep searching the forums to see if anyone has a solution. If not, I seriously hope the developers find a way to include this extremely valuable feature in future updates.