Simple page locking for scripts

A quick search didn’t reveal any earlier posts on this one, but forgive me if I’m repeating a request.

I’m a playwright, and I find Scrivener’s scripting features to be wonderfully in line with my needs. My one big wish list item is the ability to lock pages, much like in film production. i.e., When I make a revision on a particular page, if the new page is shorter or longer than the original, the original page break is maintained when the project is compiled. This would create either empty space at the bottom of the revised page if the revision shortens the text, or an “A” page (e.g. a second page numbered, say, 21a) if the revision is longer than the original. This way new printed pages can be easily slotted into existing scripts.

I realize that Scrivener is meant for drafting, not publication, and this is a feature that might be more associated with publication. However, it’s basically the only feature I find myself needing beyond what Scrivener offers, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense financially or time-wise to invest in buy and switching to Final Draft just for this one thing. I would also suggest that a script is different from a novel, in that crucial editing and revision happens during the rehearsal period. This is a feature that is inherently linked to the writing phase, not the publication phase, and so is very much in line with Scrivener’s target use.

I’ve created a workaround, which is to create a “locked” version of the script by making each page a separate document within a folder, then using compile to create the output draft. The main drawback is that I have to enter page numbers manually when printing. I also lose the ability to separate out the script according to more traditional document sections (for example, by scene).

My hope is that a feature that lets you lock page breaks and generate A, B, etc. page numbers on export is a simple enough thing to achieve. I have no idea how many playwrights use the program (though here in NYC I’ve been spreading the gospel to every writing group I join!), but I know locked pages would be a huge boon to all of us.

Thanks again KB for everything you’ve made. Here’s to better and better!

An interesting, though perhaps challenging, function to have.

My take on the challenge:Scrivener does not think in terms of pages and it really can’t know what docs will be included or not in any given compile, so it looks to me like there would not be a good, general way for Scriv to do what you want automatically.


I wonder if you can do something with Sciv’s page break (and other) placeholder tags to improve your work-around. Seems like putting an explicit page break placeholder tag everywhere a natural page break occurs does fix those page breaks in place. So, that gets half the job done anyway.