Simple pleasures

Hit the Text Statistics and pull down the “Word Frequency” list, sort by count, and start reading off the 1-count words. If you’re like me, it will be a handful of normal words that are mildly amusing with their lack of context, all stacked up on top of each other.

What a great feature. I’m a trial user right now, and stingy with my software purchases, but I happily intend to buy Scrivener.

So, I figured that the longer the text, the more unusual the 1-count words would be, so I took the plunge and ran it on the full text of a 220,000 word project. (Don’t try this at home, kids. It does take forever–just as you would expect and there is no cancel button.) The result turned up stuff like this:

breakfast inveterate wronged maturation perversion emerald backward numbered freight beam affirmative appealed inventor disdaining bean alteration sported mover drowning immature threefold farms shunned marlin sessions effigy desaturated repeal wag salutations funerals opposes goblet triangulate sour pied broader option gusto liberator surrogate mushroom similitude passenger ductile elves disconnect herdsmen bade adult hypothesis fetters hassled compulsions mauled cooks flushing incapacities refrain disparagingly formulation highway beaumont attributing scraps overestimation inductive constitutional mitigate lifeless solves impenetrable wrap talisman magnet mannered weaver cooperation unpopular stoutly career concise skelter 

Which is in sum a more unusual collection of words than I got when I looked at a 50,000 word subset of the project. I was amused that there were elves in there–Oh, only a typo–sorry to disappoint. Could have been worse–might have been ninjas.

I will leave it to your fertile imaginations what sort of project it could be that contained all these words. :slight_smile:

One of the more curious results was the occasional item which was a complete mystery to me. Such as ‘numitorius’. I am really going to have to look that up in my project and find out what the heck it is. I mean, I wrote it, right? :confused:

That sounds fun. I found some misspelled words, myself, when I tried that. :smiley:

I can see this being used for short story prompts!