Simple questions about stacking and linking files. Anyone help?

Can notes in stacks be rearranged? Currently if I want to move a note in a stack it puts it out of place and if I restack the stack always changed the order of the entire stack, even if I click on them in the correct order.

Can notes in stacks use a curved connector? Say if I want to link note 3 to note further down.

Everything on my pc runs fast and very rarely slows down but scapple seems to slow down on every use. It lags and is really slow to respond no matter how little else I run in the background. Any ideas about optimising performance? It can be really frustrating having a lightweight app run like its in the mud.

Linking files on my pc doesn’t seem to work. I followed the procedure and the link applies but then clicking on the note does nothing. It does not go to the file I applied to the note.