Simple request - Change "Binder affects" default

Pretty much at the title says. I think it would be great if there was an option in the options menu that let us change the default behaviour for “Binder affects”. So for example, I can make it so that all projects will have the binder only affect the Left/Top editor, if it exists.

I’m finding it a little annoying to have to change this every time I create a new project (or open one that was created before I found this wonderfully convenient setting). It’s definitely something that can be lived without, but it’s pretty disruptive when you are scatterbrained/forgetful/possibly ADD-ish and often forget to change all those little settings that can’t be set to preferred defaults.

If this already exists, could someone direct me to where? >.> I’ve tried searching the manual, the forums, and the options window.

The way to do this is to create a new project template with the Binder Affects setting enabled the way you want it, along with any other starting project settings the way you like them (labels colouring the binder, status displayed on the corkboard, project keywords populated with any tags you always use, etc.). Set that all up in a dummy project, then choose File > Save As Template… to create a new project template (after which you can trash the dummy project). Then begin your new projects from that template, and you’ll have everything pre-set and ready to go.

hello Kitten,

this issue is also addressed and recognized as a Bug in the Bug Hunt (windows) forum under the “BINDER AFFECTS switches inconveniently” post.

my concern was that every time i open my old project, i have to reset Binder Affects since it insists on returning to the default setting.

hope this helps. and excuse me for the perhaps overly familiar greeting… would you prefer the more formal Miss Kitten?

Hehe, Kitten works, I’ve also had people use CK. I don’t mind either.

I haven’t had it switch back on me (yet) since I discovered the feature in the first place. Then again, I don’t always notice things I should lately (strongly reccomend against concussions, btw… which also explains my forgetfulness for setting the setting in the first place). I guess the template is a decent work-around, but I still feel it’s just that: a work-around. Like wearing extra sweaters when your furnace doesn’t work. I’d still like the furnace to work… But I suppose, at least for now, I just have to wear the sweaters.