Simple task...I think.

I am the trial version of Scrivener but would like to know how to perform this simple task before I buy.

I basically am writing a straightforward book just as if I were typing it on Word. Occasionally I have a brilliant thought I want to jot down for later reference as if i were putting it on a bulletin board with a Post-It slip.

I suppose I might later on want to access Scrivener’s more sophisticated features but for the time being this is all I want to do. Any instructions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, cashdan, and welcome to the forum.

Thee are plenty of tools you may use for what you intend. You can use comments, footnotes, notes on each document you create, and even inline annotations.

Scrivener is a powerful software, and not easy to master, but the learning curve will soften if you take the time to follow the Tutorial. In about an hour you’ll get a good view of the most important features (such as the ones I mentioned). It was very useful to me when I started to use the software, just like you are now.

Welcome again!

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My recommendations: Use inspector comments or inline annotations for thoughts related to the text (what if this character was half-dolphin?!). If you have a thought for a later scene, having the editor split to a “Ideas” folder in cork board or outline view will let you create new documents with synopses for your idea. Splitting the editor with a single document in a regular editor view would also work; add a new paragraph for each new idea, then later you can split that document up.

Note that you can lock one or both editors so that clicking on the binder doesn’t take you away from whatever you’re working on. Click on the icon in the header of your editor, and a menu will appear that includes “Lock in Place”. The header will turn pink-ish to indicate that it is locked.