Simple Texteditor with Fullscreenmode

as I love Scrivener I have a problem at work, where only Windows XP is available. If asked, what I miss most about Scrivener there, it is fullscreenmodus with non-white background, that is colors, i can set myself. The story-related research etc. is stored on my Mac at home with Scrivener - I can do without that half a day and come back on it in the evening.

But I would like to work on parts of my projects at work without having all the office stuff around all the time. Too many buttons etc. Just a simple screen with nice non-tiring background.

Any suggestions for something simple yet nice?


I believe there is a Windows app called DarkRoom or something. It sounds like it owes an awful lot to Jesse Grosjean’s WriteRoom, but you may wish to try it if you are stuck on Windows. I have no idea what it’s like, as I’ve never tried it.

EDIT: Mea culpa. The author of DarkRoom is upfront and honest and says on DarkRoom’s homepage that it is a clone of WriteRoom for the PC.


There’s also Q10. It doesn’t yet have typewriter scrolling, so it’s a little odd to use after being used to either Scrivener or Writeroom.

It works in Vista, but I haven’t tried it in XP.

It’s been a long time since I touched a PC, but if memory serves there was this thing called DOS that let you have a black background with green lettering…


Thanks for the hints. Unfortunatly all these suggestions do no fullfill one requirement. I cannot change any colors, be it background or font. Though green and black is interesting (Matrix comes to mind) I prefer some different setup… Is there no simple editor, which is able to change some color settings? I need a Mac and Scrivener at work :slight_smile: Well a question of money i guess (not Scrivener, the Mac…).

Are you sure that DarkRoom doesn’t? Have you tried it? It’s supposed to be a clone of WriteRoom, so I would be surprised if it didn’t - especially as on the change list on the DarkRoom home page it mentions font and colour preferences…

Thanks for the hint Keith! You are of course right. I somehow was misled by the Matrix-style screenshots and all I had read about Darkroom in some other contexts. Kind of very stupid not to try it simply first. My fault/loss.

It does the trick for me now and I am very happy with that at least partly XP-replacement.

Q10 gives you a full screen, any color BG and text you want, rtf, a tiny footprint, and it’s free. I keep an old IBM thinkpad clone with nothing but Q10 and a clip collector for those times when I have to hide away from the Internet and my office (books, music, pictures) and the telephone, etc. Usually take a small table in a back corner of the library. It’s the when-all-else-fails fall-back, as when the editor says, “It’s a pretty good column, but could you cut 200 words and find a different local hook and change the geese to squirrels and get it to me this afternoon?”


Geese to squirrels…eh?

Thats almost God like…clever…very clever.

I could use a few tips… :wink:


We’ve had a problem locally – honest – with geese. The beggars won’t fly North in the summer or South in the winter; they just hang around the lake in one local park, and inlets in a nearby river. There’s been a minor civil war beween the goose haters who want to kill them to feed the poor and homeless, and the goose lovers who maintain a park watch and send scouts in to shoo the geese away anytime someone shows up with dogs or traps or anything else goose-unfriendly.

I know, this sound like Monty Python, but it’s real.

I wrote a tongue-in-cheek op ed for the local paper suggesting the county net the birds and distribute half a dozen to each of the goose-lovers, with the understanding that said GL would feed and shelter the geese, and guarantee that they would remain on his/her property.

Editor wrote back that he was fed up to here (or there) with the goddam geese and didn’t want to read or publish another word about them, but could I do a number on the squirrels that have been desecrating his car and home.

Goose crap all over the park, squirrel crap all over the yard. It’s a tough choice.

For the record, I took a pass on the assignment.


OK, this is off-topic and all, but it always fascinates me when people look only at effects and never question causes, especially when it comes to a “problem” regarding human and critter interaction.

Geese no longer migrate because they don’t need to. We carbon-farters have warmed up their climate so that winter is only a few months long and grass (their principal food) is available much of the time. Same with robins, who rarely migrate any more, at least on the Mid-Atlantic shore.

To me, the story has a strong environmental angle, but that takes a broader perspective than worrying about goose-dung in the local park. At least it’s biodegradable.

All right, I call myself “druid” for a reason. We worship trees. Amber may now sweep this entry into the dust bin. And for the record, I don’t worry about widows and orphans in Scrivener, either.

Actually, the story I’ve heard is that there have always been both migratory and non-migratory flocks of geese. But the migratory ones die: they get shot by hunters, swept off course in storms, and whatever other bad things can happen en route. Meanwhile, the non-migratory ones flourish: they find nice gun-free, dog-free parks (also known as golf courses and office parks) where sometimes nice people even feed them. What a deal!



That story is a load o`shit ! Ahh…Ahrrrghhhh!..hee…he…m…mm…em! em!.. sorry…sor…

Dont sound so pedantic or apologetic about Topic. especialy when you feelwith such evident passion and if my vibes about Amber are right, she feels the same as you. When IShuffle off… Im planning a burial in a cardboard coffin at the foot of a tree.

However wide Aristotles philosophical divergence from Plato became in the end, the one thing both men vehemently agreed upon, was that, Topic, was there to be Gone Off. He went on to teach his students that Digression rules OKandTangents are Good, to great effect, evidenced by his most noteworthy students consequential achievements i.e. going off, and conquering the then known world.

Now then: I am high ranking official of The Ancient and Noble order of Hairsuitum Posterious Weldicusie, with the Aristotelian ethos enshrined within its constitution and alluded to in all its Mission Statements.

Gaia may ultimately get pissed off with the likes of us and get rid and start again, but in the meantime, Im extending to you the invitation to become a Honorary Member of the Ancient and Noble(certificate provided by attatchment), membership of which entitles you to Tangentize`in Her defence and on Her behalf, as often and wherever you want.

Are you up for that Dru?

Problem with th’ geese? What sort of problem? :smiley:

“I was wondering where the ducks went when the lagoon got all icy and frozen over. I wondered if some guy came in a truck and took them away to a zoo or something. Or if they just flew away.”

    • Holden Caulfield

It happens.

Some years ago the local district council contracted out the management of the local public fishing lake to an innocuously-named club that also managed other lakes in the county. A while later someone noticed there were fewer ducks around than previously, and, much more importantly, fewer cute little ducklings for the children to feed. And they seemed to be disappearing en masse overnight. Where had they gone? “Ahem… we took them,” said the club. Er, why? “To stock our other lakes”. For what purpose? “Er, shootin’”.

Hence news reports along the lines of : “Down in deepest…, police are after duck-runners, following a trail of feathers…” And “101 ducklings…”

Sorry, this thread was about full-screen editors, wasn’t it?

only… if you want it to be.

You could always join The Ancient and Noble order of Hairsuitum Posterious Weldicusie, (see my previous post of 3.38pm), and then you can talk about anything you like (even if it means talking to yourself)

Great! init!