Simplenote failure loop

I attempted to sync with Simplenote for the first time and apparently specified too many files or accidentally a wrong file type. As a consequence the sync started, it progressed about a third of the way thru the files then said there was a failure and gave me the option to try again or cancel. Since it always failed, I had initially saw no way to back out of this situation. I could not reach the configuration dialog to change which files to sync. I tried many many times.

The change settings button did show up briefly before the failure happened, but clicking it just took me back to the sign-in dialog.

The only way to get past this point was to enter a different project name. I then tried again to use the original name and got a dialog that starts with “Although this appears to be the first time you are using the project keyword ‘TPR’ for this project, notes were found on the server that use the same keyword…” and ask if I really want to use that name (to which I said yes).

Attempting to exclude the problem files (the ones in the list that did not show as synced) from the sync check list resulted in a four file operation to remove some files that ended with a sync error. I was given the choice of trying again, which then went thru all the files (185).

After going thru the steps above several times, I finally got a successful sync message.

Until I finally got the successful sync, every iteration required me to re-enter my password and project name and I kept getting the “The project keyword seems already to be in use” dialog.

I guess my request here is that you specify what may be problematic, and check for those issues in the program and give a warning. If something slips thru that causes the failure, have an option to go back to the configuration dialog to change what files are to be synced.

An examination revealed that one of the problem files was an html page in resources. The other unsynced files synced properly as I tried them one at a time. I assume they did not sync before because the html file crashed the process before they got handled. However, I then tried to sync the html file and it worked too.

In the end, one file that is simple text always shows that it needs syncing but appears ok on both the mac and ipad. I also keep getting a warning that Simplenote has some different titles to which I say keep the old ones. The issue does not go away however and I am given no feedback as to what is different so have no way to judge what to do.

One other thing, my files on Simplenote are duplicated in two folders, one named TPR (the project I specified) and one named Scrivener.

I suppose there may have been an issue with too many files since Simplenote does mention the free version “throttles” third party apps.

I am unclear what the underlying problem(s) is/was but hope this feedback may be helpful.


Sorry for the late reply, but the feedback is useful, yes. Simplenote sync is a little tricky because it has to communicate with an external server, so there can occasionally be issues, but I’ll certainly bear in mind your comments when I look at improving this.

Thanks and all the best,

Hello everybody!

I just had a similar issue, but with tags. I synchronized a project and then a second one, and the second one did also have the tag of the first one.

Is it necessary to close the session on Simplenote before synching another project?

All the best!