Simplenote for Android

Hey everyone, I’ve been "lurking"on these boards for a few years now, as I bought Scrivener in I think 2011. I never realized that I never actually signed up for an account here!

Anyways, I saw on Lifehacker that there is an official Simplenote app for Android 4.0 and up. It doesn’t currently have all the features of the iOS version but it you can write and sync Markdown text which makes it good enough to use with Scrivener!

I was wondering what people here thought about it: is this enough to make anyone consider a Nexus tablet or one of those Asus Transformers with the keyboards over an iPad? If you already own an Android tablet (or phone, really) but aren’t currently using it with Scrivener because you couldn’t stand FlickNote are you willing to give the Simplenote app a try?

There’s already an easy way to use Simplenote on Android.
Use the Chrome browser and go to
(After creating an account and signing in, that is.)
Chrome also has an extension called SyncPad for SimpleNote
Lets you access all of your SN data quickly.

Prior to now, I’ve had good luck using Flicknote (I did get annoyed and upgrade it) with Android. Now that there is an official app, I’m comparing them side by side to see if I want to switch over or not. I think the biggest difference is going to be that Flicknote will be subject to more bottlenecks on the API, so the official version should be a lot faster. What troubles did you have with Flicknote?

I am currently tablet shopping–The Galaxy Note 10.1 and 8 are leading, but the Transformer is a strong contender because of the keyboard. Please share your experiences if you have tried composing on an Android tablet, as that will inform my decision a lot. :slight_smile:

What I really need if Simplenote is going to be a go-to resource for me is sync from Scrivener for Windows.