Simplenote Not working properly the last few days

About Aug 12’th, Simplenote sync starting acting weird.

First I noticed it didnt save my password anymore, then, the sync kept failing. It would look like it was downloading all files, then just say it couldnt download all files.

I’ve been able to sync only 2X successfully since Aug 12’th.

I do have Mountain Lion installed, but it seemed to be fine at first.

Any suggestions?

Is this still giving you troubles? I just checked a second ago and was able to download all Simplenote items, and in turn upload a few from the project. If you’re still having issues, check the Console and see if any error messages are being produced by Scrivener when trying to sync.

The password thing is probably just a Keychain problem, and almost certainly unrelated. Deleting the existing Scrivener/Simplenote keychain entry is usually sufficient to unjam it.

Yep, still having issues. It’s intermittent. Mostly it doesn’t work though.

Also, I deleted my password in my MAC keychain. Still doesn’t remember my password

Amsterdam, this seems like a completely different issue. You should create a separate post so we can focus on the original post here.


Okay, I moved that other stuff out. I’m in the process of updating one of my test systems to 10.8, but I don’t think this is a universal problem as I’ve not heard from anyone else about it. Is it possible you might have an unreliable route between your location and the Simplenote servers? It does seem odd that it would have only just started to malfunction if that were the case, though. You can use the Mac’s Network Utility to check this. Put the URL into the Traceroute tab and see if it gets hung up on any of the hops between your system and their’s. Traceroute shows you each machine in the route across the globe, and how long it takes for that particular machine to handle your request and pass it along to the next. While you’re in the Utilities folder, I’d also open up Console and leave that running while you try to sync. See if Scrivener produces any errors.