Simplenote note order

Is there a way to control the order in which my notes appear in simple note? Or is simple note, so dead simple that it organizes tagged notes in alphabetical order? So I would have to add a title or number in scrivener (such as Chapter 1, or a #) to keep things in order on the Simple note side? Would make shuffling notes around in Scrivener a little cumbersome if I had to keep changing the title in order to keep things in the proper order in simple note.

Yeah, Simplenote’s only ordering options are alphabetical or by modified or last created date, so the only way to force an order is to mess with that, adjusting the title obviously being the easiest.

One of Simplenote’s strengths is the quick search, though, so you could use something like an annotation in the document itself to number it (which would still have to be updated if you move it around) or provide a brief summary. The documents won’t appear in order in the list of titles, but you’ll be able to quickly search for “scene 22” or whatever, and since annotations can be stripped out by Scrivener during compile, cleaning up your text at the end of the day should be easier. You can also get the first line preview in Simplenote, so you’d be able to get this extra information when scrolling through your list.

That said, depending on how you’re using Simplenote, it’s often helpful to sync only what you’re currently working on and so shorten the list you have to go through. But if you’re hopping from document to document a lot or working away from your computer for a long time, that might not be feasible.