Simplenote sync and accents


I’m starting to use the possibility of synchronizing some text with Simplenote and I get some problems with the accents (é è and so on: my text is in french): I only get unicode numbers instead, like in the example below:

“Le silence qui avait du00e9ferlu00e9 dans les couloirs du collu00e8ge longtemps le plus prestigieux du canton avait inondu00e9 les cages du0092u2019escaliers”

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

I just tried again and it seems OK.

I also did remember that it was also synchronized with Tinderbox and that maybe the problem comes from there…

All the best!

I had troubles with SimpleText set to the “Automatic” file format. I changed it to “Unicode UTF-8”, and now Scrivener or PlainText files are correctly opened on the Mac.

Best, Paolo

@pfrank. re synching SN & Tinderbox. Tinderbox v5.9.1 (released 16 May 2011) resolved earlier issues with use of accents in simplenote.